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triO3Clean is designed as a low cost, high performing, wet surface disinfectant that quickly kills a wide range of micro-organisms including 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Using only oxygen from air, tap water and electricity the triO3Clean creates natures' most powerful disinfectant, that removes the dependency on chemical supply and an unreliable supply chain. The triO3Clean is simple and easy to use, covering up to 1000m² in one hour (on a flat surface) with a single operator. It is fully automated with only basic training necessary, anyone who is able to use a standard garden hose is able to use the triO3Clean.

How it works

• The triO3Clean is simply connected to a domestic water supply and plugged into a

   single phase electrical supply, or a conventional extension lead

• Ozone is generated from oxygen in the surrounding air and injected into the water


Ozone is:
   10 times more effective than chlorine
   25 times more effective than Hypochlorous Acid
   2,500 times more effective than Hypochlorite
   5,000 times more effective than Chloramine
   For removal of bacteria.

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Typical Applications

• Stadia
• Public Transport and stations
• High Traffic Public Areas
• Schools and educational facilities
• Industrial and manufacturing facilities
• Cruise ships, ferries and passenger

   transport vessels
• Zoos and animal welfare facilities
• Public pools

Automation and controls

• Emergency stop button
• Multiple languages (English, French,

   German and Spanish)
• Fault indication on PLC
• Ozone on LED indication
• General Fault LED Indication


• No Harmful by-products
• Uses only single phase electrical supply and

   domestic water supply using standard

• Portable system that is fully automated and

   simple to operate
• IP55 rated system (partial protection

   against dust and protected against low

   pressure jets of water from any angle)
• Safe and reliable method of delivering

   nature’s most powerful, naturally occurring


Main Features

• Compact and portable system
• Full 2 year warranty
• Maintenance free for 2 years
• Only requires the operator to use standard

   readily available PPE
• Ozone safely generated and injected under

   vacuum using proven and reliable

• Air cooled system with high humidity

• The operation and fault indication are

   controlled by a touch screen PLC
• 5m stainless steel braided hose with gun,

   nozzle and lance & 5m electrical cable



• Additional 5m lengths of stainless

   steel braided hose available
• 10m electrical cable length
• 3 pin plug for UK
• 2 pin plug for Europe


• Enclosures: Polycarbonate
• Stainless steel braided hose
• Stainless steel nozzle, gun and lance