How UV acts:

UV-C rays penetrate the heart of the DNA at 254 nanometres, the optimal wavelength for eradicating microorganisms (virus, bacteria, algae, yeast, mould...), disrupting the cell metabolism through to total destruction.


Technical characteristics BIO-SCAN® Light range

• Eliminates at least 99.99% of micro-organisms, bacteria and

   viruses (including SARS-COV-2 / Coronavirus)
• Contact time: 8 seconds!
• Convenient, ergonomic and easy to use by everyone
• A complete unit in a transport bag with shaped protective

   mousse, including: the BIO-SCAN® system, the electric

   unit with time counter, power supply cables, 1 protective

   mask, 1 pair of gloves (additional quantities available) and

   reactive stickers. Cigar lighter socket optional.
• 4.5m power supply cable, socket to device (extension lead

• Presence of a deflector to concentrate the maximum UV-C

   rays onto the surface to be treated
• On/off switch, adjustable handle
• Lamp lifespan: 1000 hours (lamps specially designed for

   surface treatment, a BIO-UV Group patent)
• Designed and manufactured in France

The ideal system for disinfecting all surfaces in total security!

• No chemical products
• Tested under the AFNOR NF T72-281 standard for airborne

   disinfection of surfaces
• Eliminates at least 99.99% of micro-organisms, bacteria and

   viruses (including SARS-COV-2 / Coronavirus)
• The best cost/efficiency ratio available for surface disinfection
• Adapted to all types of surfaces without side-effects or

• A surface disinfection concept offering confidence and

   reassurance to your clients and personnel

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The The advantages of BIO-SCAN®

• A certified, tried and tested process
• Treatment time of just 8 seconds!
• Practical, ergonomic and easy to use by anyone
• No chemical products, no risk to health or the environment
• Economical: low purchase price and fast return on investment

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Logo BIO-SCAN Light web_72 DPI.png