How UV works:

At a wavelength of 254 nanometres, UV-C inactivates micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, algae, yeasts, moulds, etc.) by penetrating their DNA, thereby disrupting their metabolism until they are completely destroyed.

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Technical features - BIO-SCAN® Drive:

• Contact time: 4 to 10 seconds!
• Complete package provided in a transport case with 
   thermo-formed foam including: the BIO-SCAN® system, 
   electric control box with hours-run meter, power cable, 1 
   protective mask and gloves set (additional quantities 
   optional), UV photoreactive strips for training, 1 cigarette 
   lighter plug adaptor.
• 1.5m wall socket power supply cable to electrical control 
• 3m power supply cable from the electrical box to the hand
   held device, for a total of 4.5m distance with the wall 
   socket. Additional extension leads may be used, 
   (not supplied).
• Aluminium deflector shield (behind the lamp) to 
   concentrate the maximum intensity of UV-C radiation 
   towards the surface to be treated 
• On/Off switch and adjustable handle
• Lamp life: 1,000 hours or 1 year (BIO-UV lamps are 
   specifically lamps specially designed for surface treatment)
• Designed and manufactured in France

Unique Features:

• Chemical free

• Contact Time: 4 to 10 seconds!
• More efficient for surface disinfection 
• Certified 99.9999% effective on SARS-COV-2 responsible for 
• Complies with AFNOR NF T72-281 standard for disinfecting 
   surfaces by air, bacteria and viruses
• Powered from the in car 12 Volt cigarette lighter

Logo BIO-SCAN Drive web_72 DPI.png