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How UV acts:

At a wavelength of 254 nanometres, UV-C inactivates micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, algae, yeasts, moulds, etc.) by penetrating their DNA, thereby disrupting their metabolism until they are completely destroyed.

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Technical characteristics - BIO-SCAN® Cube

• Eliminates at least 99.99% of micro-organisms, bacteria and

   viruses (including SARS-COV-2 / Coronavirus)
• Cycle time: 30 seconds!
• Treatment of small objects (mobile phones, keys, glasses, 

   medical devices...)
• 1.5m electric cable from the socket to the machine
• On/off switch
• Touch screen which displays the number of cycles, lamp

   replacement pre-alarm and alarm
• Lamp lifespan: 3000 hours (lamps specially designed for

   surface treatment, a BIO-UV Group patent)
• Designed and manufactured in France

The advantages of BIO-SCAN®

• A certified, tried and tested process
• Treatment time of just 30 seconds!
• Practical, ergonomic and easy to use by anyone
• No chemical products, no risk to health or the environment
• Economical: low purchase price and fast return on investment

The ideal system for disinfecting all objects and accessories in just a few seconds!

• Disinfect mobile phones, glasses, keys, jewellery, medical material

   (stethoscopes, blood pressure pads, magnifying glasses, dental

   equipment...)... in just 30 seconds!
• No chemical products
• Tested under the AFNOR NF T72-281 standard for airborne 

   disinfection of surfaces
• Eliminates at least 99.99% of micro-organisms, bacteria and

   viruses (including SARS-COV-2 / Coronavirus)
• The best cost/efficiency ratio available for surface disinfection
• Adapted to all types of surfaces without side-effects or

• An object disinfection

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Logo BIO-SCAN Cube web_72 DPI.png