How UV acts:

UV-C rays penetrate the heart of the DNA at 254 nanometres, the optimal wavelength for eradicating microorganisms (virus, bacteria, algae, yeast, mould...), disrupting the cell metabolism through to total destruction.

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Technical characteristics BIO-SCAN® 3D

• Eliminates at least 99.99% of micro-organisms, bacteria and

   viruses (including SARS-COV-2 / Coronavirus)
• Full treatment of a room (floor to ceiling)
• Mobile and can be used by anyone thanks to its wheels
• Remote control operation
• Presence of a deflector to concentrate the maximum UV-C

   rays onto the areas and surfaces to be treated
• A touch screen which displays the UV-C radiation, time of

   use of the lamps and the system, the number of times

• 5m electricity cable from the socket to the machine
• An audio alarm at the beginning and end of each disinfection

• A UV sensor detecting any drop of UV intensity in the

• A movement detector to ensure nobody is in the room (the

   lamps are immediately shut down in the event of movement)
• System including: visor, gloves and reactive stickers
• Lamp lifespan: 1000 hours (lamps specially designed for

   surface treatment, a BIO-UV Group patent)
• Designed and manufactured in France

The advantages of BIO-SCAN®

• A very fast treatment time, for example:
• a 6x6m room (c. 36m2): 5 minutes
• a meeting room or large bedroom area, etc. 10x10m (c. 100m2):

   15 minutes
• a reception hall, restaurant dining room, etc. 14x14m (c. 200m2):

   30 minutes
• A certified, tried and tested process
• Practical, ergonomic and easy to use by anyone
• No chemical products, no risk to health or the environment
• Economical: low purchase price and fast return on investment

The ideal system for disinfecting areas and surfaces quickly and in total safety!

• System for disinfection of enclosed areas: bedrooms, offices,

   meeting rooms...
• No chemical products
• Tested under the AFNOR NF T72-281 standard for airborne

   disinfection of surfaces
• Eliminates at least 99.99% of micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses

   (including SARS-COV-2 / Coronavirus)
• The best cost/efficiency ratio available for surface disinfection
• Adapted to all types of surfaces without side-effects or deterioration
• A surface disinfection concept offering confidence and reassurance

   to your clients and personnel

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